Available courses

Course Image Discerning God's Voice Workshop

Discerning God's Voice Workshop

This is a workshop is for anyone interested in possibly enrolling into CFTN School of ministry.  The workshop is made to help you become aware that God is speaking to you and is ready to partner with you in delivering His words.  

Course Image Kingdom Influence

Kingdom Influence

This 5-week Block is built to help you discover which mountain(s) that you are called to influence. You will leave equipped as a Kingdom ambassador to the world. No matter the area that you are called to, you were born for “such a time as this” to allow Heaven to move through you.

Course Image Discerning God's Voice

Discerning God's Voice

This 5-week block is built to help each believer to learn and know that God speaks to all of us because of the Love He has for us. Whether you have been saved for 10 years or 10 minutes God is speaking to you. Throughout the course, you are empowered and activated in the prophetic as you trust and discern what God is revealing uniquely to you.

Course Image Transformational Theology

Transformational Theology

This 5-week block is built to strengthen you in God’s Word. Explore with us as we take this journey in God’s Truth through the deep revelation of His theology for your life!

Course Image Depth of Discernment

Depth of Discernment

This 5-week block is built to broaden the scope of your discernment to help you walk in His miracles, signs, and wonders! Learning that dreams and visions are prophetic signs that God is speaking to you as apart of His love vocabulary!

Course Image Leadership Impact

Leadership Impact

This 5 week Block will help you to Identify your passions, purpose, and destiny. Students may be surprised to learn that, as Dr. McCray says, “Destiny isn’t the destination, it’s the journey. You’re in destiny right now.” The beginning of your destiny is the revelation of knowing who God created you to be!  With that we will also be doing some deep leadership training.